Our Values

At AWD our mission is to provide the very best in engineering consultancy to satisfy and inspire our clients.

Our values define who we are and the way we work: with our clients, with our community and with each other. They reflect the vision of our founder, Alan White, and they are what make us stand out from the crowd. How we do business is just as important to us as what we do; our values distinguish us as a company as well as individuals, and we live them in all aspects of our work so we can achieve our mission of providing inspired engineering solutions.

"We have a reputation for forward-thinking, ambitious design and fresh ideas"

For our clients

We promise the leading industry standards our clients expect, delivered with technical expertise, know-how and a drive for project success

For our people

We recruit and develop industry leading talent and expertise, ensuring success and achievement for all




Fresh Thinking

"We are experts in problem solving and innovation, remaining agile and adaptable to our clients’ needs"

For our clients

We bring fresh new ideas to every project, tailored to every client’s specific requirements

For our people

We empower and encourage our team to be creative in how they solve problems and bring new ideas to our business and clients

"We are client driven, providing high quality products and services, and value for money"

For our clients

We deliver quality at every stage in the working process from service, accuracy, reliability, compliance, safety, design, and collaborative working

For our people

We provide and nurture an environment built on working together to ensure impeccable quality delivery and service





"We are a loyal, productive and collaborative working partner"

For our clients

We deliver service based on strong teamwork, delivered by a collective team of aligned and motivated individuals

For our people

We create a sense of belonging for our team where they can develop and be rewarded and recognised for their loyalty and commitment

"We communicate openly and honestly and are ambassadors for our profession and community"

For our clients

We support and respect the environment, community and all project stakeholders

For our people

We act responsibly and fairly in our environment, community and everyone we work with