AWD Launch Middle East Temporary Works Forum


Last week saw the inaugural meeting of the Middle East Temporary Works Forum, hosted by AWD at our office base within Al Moosa Towers, Dubai. The launch event saw 22 stakeholders from a variety of different companies based throughout the Middle East come together with the aim of building the foundations for a permanent forum in the region, including main contractors, specialist sub contractors, permanent works and temporary works consultants and product suppliers.

Malachy has been a central figure in gathering everyone together for the inaugural meeting, spreading the word amongst the engineering community to gather a consensus for the introduction of the forum, which will boost the profile of temporary works engineers within the construction industry.


The temporary works forum has a number of objectives including the sharing of best practice, the provision of guidance and professional leadership, the discussion of engineering theory and current practice including presentations from members about challenges in their current projects, as well as discussion of trends, innovations and potential risks within the industry.

The overarching ethos is to ‘encourage open discussion of any matter relating to temporary works’ which relies on involvement from a variety of different stakeholders including engineers, contractors, manufacturers, government bodies and health and safety professionals. Since each region has distinctive challenges, the TWf is designed to allow engineers and stakeholders to meet regionally and discuss concerns and practices specific to their local area, meaning there are TWf’s in various different regions throughout the world, including the UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong and, of course, now the Middle East.

The first meeting was an overwhelming success, with many engineers looking to take on leadership roles within the forum, and many companies interested in hosting future meetings of the forum. We’re excited to see the forum grow over the coming months and to see the benefits it will have for the engineering community across the Middle East.


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