On Site at Glasgow's £700m Education Hub


In early October, Malachy, Christy and Liam took part in a site visit to the University of Glasgow’s  £700m estate expansion project with 30 undergraduate students from the University of Strathclyde in collaboration with Careys Plc.

AWD have provided temporary works consultancy to both Careys Plc and Multiplex on the site which is the first phase of a ten-year long development project which is the biggest ever education development project in Scotland.


After taking a guided tour around the live construction site, students had a chance to hear from Malachy about the temporary works elements that AWD designed for the project, highlighting the importance of safe temporary works design in construction projects including temporary core stability, propping systems and formwork systems.

As STEM ambassadors we are always working to inspire the next generation of engineers, which also includes encouraging graduates to stay on in the profession after graduation to address the current skills shortage, and so Malachy also took the opportunity to talk about his personal route to becoming a Chartered Civil Engineer and discussed the different career options available for our graduates upon finishing their course.

We received great feedback from the students who all said they gained a lot from their experience on site:

"I feel that I learned more about the actual construction industry than I have in all of my lectures so far."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the site visit and would definitely recommend to any up and coming civil engineers."

"It was a great opportunity to experience an engineering and construction environment that enabled us student to be hands on with something that we are not usually used to."

"It was an interesting experience to get to go to the actual construction site and learn so much about what and how they do the buildings. I was fascinated by the construction of the concrete walls."

"After visiting the construction site, I gained more knowledge about the industry and some of the basics of construction processes, communication between team members, usage of equipment, adoption and application of construction technology and different materials used. It also gave me an insight of what are the possibilities of employment after graduation and motivated me to look further into looking for a summer placement or internship within the industry."

Thanks to Careys Plc and the University of Glasgow for having us on site, and to all the students and graduates from the University of Strathclyde for their participation.