Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Our client Litestructures required structural calculations for a temporary demountable structure constructed from 4 boom aluminium trusses, used at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to provide hospitality to guests at the event.

The rectangular truss frame, with dimensions 14m x 6m, would be augmented with curved sails protruding from each corner. Two large openings were required on each long side of the structure to allow for entry and exit from the event area. The exterior of the structure was also to be completely clad in ply and acrylic, placing additional force on the aluminium frame.

Our structural calculations determined the structural capacity of the existing structure and specified what additional support the frame would require to sustain the increased loading from the sails and cladding.

Our comprehensive structural report specified the cable design and struts required to provide additional bracing for the structure and to provide stability, the maximum loading the sails could apply to the truss frame, specifying the angles at which the sailed canopies should be installed, recommendations regarding how the cladding should be installed to allow for deflection of the cables, support uplift loads, to resist uplift, as well as
the make and model of all additional material.