Festival Stage Truss

We completed design check calculations for a 15m arch truss used to cover and protect stages at various festival locations across Ireland, for our client Metalworx.

The truss was constructed from aluminium square and ladder trusses, braced with steel cables. We checked the structure under two different cladding arrangements to account for both the storm wind and working wind scenarios, each with different weights loaded on the arches of 750kg and 1000kg. 

Calculations included self-weight of the cladding and meshing as well as loading of the trusses with lights and other equipment, as well as the anchorage capacity required for each loading scenario.

Our client was delighted with our work commenting:

“The structure was great. We did have very high wind (40-50km/h) one of the days, the structure itself did not budge an inch. At no stage was I concerned about it moving or bending etc. It was worth while taking the extra time to make the eyelid as it really set the structure off and give it a really super appearance."