Media City, Manchester

AWD was appointed to complete design check calculations on an LED screen support frame at Media City, Manchester for our client Boldman Ltd.

The structure, composed of 90 aluminium panels and steel angle brackets, was designed to support two back to back LED screens, and was installed on pre-existing lighting masts to provide overall stability to the frame. An access walkway was constructed between the panels to allow access for maintenance of the screens.

Detailed structural analysis was completed using STRAP structural analysis software. A 3D model of the structure was developed and subjected to the worst possible loading conditions to determine the structure’s expected maximum stresses. Hand calculations were completed to check element capacities and the maximum stresses were compared to the allowable stresses to verify the safety of the structure.

The 4944kg structure was situated externally at Salford Quays, so our calculations incorporated local wind conditions in accordance with European standards.

Our calculations ensured the structure passed all design checks and provided a safe and functional design for the support frame.