Heathrow Airport LED Support Frame

We designed a support frame for a 11.5m x 5m LED screen positioned at Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport in London, for our client Boldman Ltd.

The 3006kg screen, used for advertisement, was designed using aluminium cladding and installed into an existing permanent lighting tower, on which the frame relied for its overall stability. The frame was designed using Paletti extruded aluminium sections with steel angled brackets to support each corner of the screen panel.

We completed a detailed structural analysis using STRAP structural analysis software. We created a 3D model and subjected it to the strongest load case conditions to determine the structure’s expected maximum stresses. We also used the 3D model to identify the member forces and deflections within the structure.

We also completed hand calculations to check element capacities and the maximum stresses were compared to verify the safety of the structure.

Our design passed all of the design checks for the client-specified loading. Our comprehensive client report also specified the grade of connection material required for the bolts and anchors and included general arrangement drawings to support the manufacture of the structure.