Shiploader Structural Survey

AWD completed a full structural survey on the shiploader at Port Clarence for client Koppers (UK) Ltd, providing a full condition report on the structure of the existing shiploader, as well as a feasibility assessment for a proposed extension to the shiploader, to allow a larger size of boat to be loaded at the facility.

The shiploader was made from standard steel columns and beam sections, with plate girders and web stiffeners situated throughout the structure to provide strength and
stability. The arm of the loader was formed from a box truss which used a conveyor belt for the transportation of materials, which were transferred to the boats below via a chute hung from the end of the arm.

Our condition report was completed on-site with our engineers performing a detailed inspection of the existing shiploader, analysing the structure for any non-standard elements such as corrosion in the steelwork and bolts or modifications to the original design.

After our initial condition survey, our engineers performed a feasibility survey to determine whether the existing structure had any additional strength capacity to support a 4m extension to the arm box truss, incorporating local working and storm wind loads to our assessment to account for environmental and other external factors which might affect the stability of the extended structure.